Democratic Republic of Congo

One of the largest countries in the center of Africa, DR Congo straddles the equator and has suffered unrest since 1885 when the country was a personal commodity of King Leopold II. Leopold then sold the Congo to Belgium, slaughtering over 10 million people in the process.


This nation provides some of the most vital mineral resources to the world, yet is one of the poorest countries in Africa. The people of the Congo do not benefit from its vast wealth of resources.


MTM Global has embarked upon yet another new horizon in Congo. The Word of Faith is the only catalyst to transform the ruined places into the Garden of Eden. The greatest challenge in Congo is the leadership challenge. Corruption and conflict has plagued this country for so long and now Congo is embracing the mandate of change. For over 3 ½ decades Dr. Bailey has touched and imparted 138 nations. We are the only agents of change; we are the only solution for the perils of society.


While Dr. Bailey was in Congo, she heard The Word of the Lord unto her saying…I created Kingdom business to finance the compassion of God throughout the Earth. The masses gathered each day to come and hear the message of faith. It was our joy to impart the transforming power of The Word of God into each hungry vessel. We speak to nations, we declare to Congo be opened, we declare that the power of darkness has to flee. The Kingdom has come to Congo in a greater dimension and the best is still yet to come.

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